The process of creating a work in stained glass : copper foil method

The first stage: Create a pattern template. Trace pieces onto glass or make pattern pieces for dark glass. Score out glass with glass cutters. Grind rough edges. Block into pattern with the help of project bars.

Wrap each piece with copper foil tape. Fit onto pattern.

Flux and solder pieces together.

Frame with Zinc. Because this piece is faily large (28"h x 20"w) I will frame it with wood as well. Ready to hand over to clients for thier bathroom.

An example of the the four main stages of creating a stained glass. After the design is laid out on the light table, each piece is cut and fit together.

Then each piece is wrapped in copper foil and soldered with 60/40 solder.

Next a patina is added darkening the lines to black. Ready for hanging.