Publication in Better Than Starbucks Journal 11/2022

Many thank to Editor, Vera Ignatowitsch  for publishing the following poem

What We Can Undo

The drone and crash begin.
A wood chipper brays, silver teeth
gnash the tree’s branches as fiercely

         as amid sparks and whine, you weld
        fifty steel arcs, end to end, to lift
        a new sculpture skyward.

The surgeon snips away twigs, aims
a chainsaw precisely into the collar. With a rope
he lowers the autumn-tinged diadem to the ground

         as you glaze each arc red,
         green and yellow to suggest leaves
         caught in a sudden updraft.

Such mastery, the making
and the taking down.
Diana Cole, a Pushcart Prize nominee, is author of Songs By Heart (Iris Press, 2018), and has published poems in numerous venues including Poetry East, Spillway, and Verse Daily. She is an editor for The Crosswinds Poetry Journal.